I sincerely thank you all for your support and long-term patronage.
I am Lu Hongwei, the founder of Justime Group.

Since graduating from university in 1988, I have personally experienced China's reform and opening up, and deeply felt the tremendous changes in the world with each passing day.
I kept thinking about As a member of society, I am deeply grateful to customers who love us, and grateful to my suppliers who support our work and life and grateful to my employees, Without them, none of my wishes and dreams would be achieved
How can we ensure that we do things correctly?
The principles we follow are:
to have a strong sense of gratitude,
to meet the expectations of customers
 to be a skill for a lifetime, and to be diligent.
In the new era of great changes unseen in a century, we will not forget our original intention of starting a business. We will use the knowledge, skills and experience of more than 30 years between China and Japan, adhere to the concept of customer first and coordinated development with suppliers, and seek the materially and psychological well-being of employees. Realize the development of the industry and the harmonious society of the society, and strive for a promising life!

  Justime Group

CEO: Lu Hongwei


为英语JUST IN TIME的合成,取即时、准时、正时之意。
Justime group 
Pursuing the world philosophy of combining the three talents of heaven, earth, and human beings, we will utilize each talent, knowledge, skill, experience, etc. through discovering, training, and motivating human beings to the maximum extent. Make full use of the career model, put the customer and the market at the center, provide the customer with compassion, detailed and specialized services, strive for quality for the development of the industry, strive for power for the prosperity of the nation, and of human civilization. We will make progress for this.

To be Honest, Tolerance and Kindness, keep Learning.